Previous projects

MSRG's research focuses on understanding recovery of health and well-being and the supporting of self management of cancer related problems following treatment. Below are some previous studies completed by MSRG, and we have selected some key findings and reports.To see further work by the MSRG please visit our University of Southampton webpages by clicking here: MSRG.

Macmillan Listening Study

The Macmillan Listening Study: Listening to the views people affected by cancer have about cancer research (MLS).

Full Report

A Macmillan Cancer Support Report. Macmillan Listening Study, Macmillan Research Unit, University of Southampton


ColoREctal Wellbeing (CREW) Study:

A cohort study to explore recovery of health and well-being following primary treatment of colorectal cancer.

Social support paper

This paper describes how social support affects Quality of Life, anxiety and depression in the 2 years following colorectal cancer surgery

Self-efficacy paper

This paper describes the patterns of self efficacy (confidence) for managing illness-related problems amongst colorectal cancer patients in the 2 years following diagnosis.

Trajectories paper

This paper identifies predictors of recovery trajectories of Quality of Life, health status and personal wellbeing in the two years following colorectal cancer surgery.

Protocol paper

This report describes how the CREW study was set up.


RESTORE is the first web-based resource designed to enhance self-efficacy (confidence) in managing cancer related fatigue following curative-intent treatment. The RESTORE study aimed to test the concept, design and effectiveness of the web-based intervention.


This paper describes how the RESTORE study was set up.


This paper discusses the results of the RESTORE study.